We have a couple of updates to keep you informed regarding our Worship Spaces. 


Use of Masks

On the 2nd of August our Premier has issued a ‘strong recommendation’ that people wear masks where physical distancing is difficult. She also specifically asked that when gathering for Worship Services that people wear face mask. These new recommendations are not legally compulsory however to continue loving each other and honoring our Premier we are asking that you bring a mask to wear during our Worship Spaces from this Sunday. If you don’t have one we will be providing them at the door too. 


Worship Spaces New Times

We have particularly loved our Worship Spaces over the last four weeks gathering together even within the restrictions is so special and we have seen over 10 first time visitors connect to our community to explore Christ since running them. From the 16th of August we will be combining our 9am and 10:15am service to meet at 10:15am. We will still run our 11:30am Worship Space so you will have two options to choose from. For our families the C3 Kids program will continue to run in the 10:15am Worship Space and please remember to check-in your children 15 minutes prior to the Worship Space beginning. 



OUR SERVICES – 18-03-2020

We will be holding three Worship Spaces each Sunday:

  • 9am 
  • 10:15am (for families with Kids Program)
  • 11:30am 

Each Worship Space will run for 45 minutes in the Terrace Room. 


Choosing a Worship Space (Kids Program) 
Our 10:15am Worship Space is currently the most popular and is also the only one with a Kids Program (held in the Ministry Centre). If you aren’t bringing children we ask that where possible you attend 9am or 11:30am Worship Space to make room for our families. Children are welcome at the 9am or 11:30am Worship Space however they will need to sit beside you for the duration of the Worship Space.


Conditions of Entry
As with all enclosed public spaces, currently there are a few conditions for entry. 
We are asking that if you:

  • Have flu-like symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever, etc…) or,
  • Have return from overseas less than 14 days ago or,
  • Are unwilling for us to register your details at the door 

That you continue to participate with our 10am Online Church Experience and stay home.

Each Worship Space will have a maximum capacity and once that has been reached we are unfortunately unable to allow you to enter the Space. We understand that there may be some frustration so we’re encouraging you to arrive 15 minutes early and be flexible (like wandering up to Lane Cove for a coffee and joining the next Worship Space) if capacity has been reached. Social distancing will be required during the running our of Worship Spaces. 


At the door we are required to register each person’s details (Full Name, Phone Number and Email address).  Our team is ready to assist you to do this but please understand there may be a hold up as we get used to this new system. 

Registrations for each Worship Space will open 15 minutes before the start time. 

OUR SERVICES – 18-03-2020

We want to keep you updated on how we are moving as a community responding to the unfolding COVID-19 situation. The great news is that no one in our community has even been suspected of being positive to the virus. Praise God. 


Sunday Service

This weekend we will have one service at 10am only. Keeping in line with official recommendations this service will be limited to 100 people. As such we are asking you to register if you are coming to help us ensure that we remain within the limitations. Click HERE to register your seat. 

In the service we will be practicing social distancing in practical ways. The new procedures we have implemented over the last few weeks will continue (and can be found HERE). In addition to this we will be:

  • Placing chairs separately with a distance of 1.5m between them in all directions. 
  • We will no longer be serving hospitality, food or drinks. 
  • We will not have any service stationery (welcome packs, connection cards, etc) instead we will be just talking to one another.


C3 Kids 

We will be running a parallel kids program in our Ministry Centre. Our kids program will begin at 9:50am and run for the duration of the service. Meaning our kids will not be in our service this weekend, this is to open up as many seats for adults and youth as possible. There is no need to register for our kids program. 


Live Streaming

Staying connected together is of utmost importance. We recognise with the restrictions many of our people may be unable to attend our service in person. The good news is you can still connect with us online. Click HERE to join our live stream from 9:50am on Sunday. We are also currently preparing to provide church services fully online. 



Take time this week to join with us as we pray through the following: 

  • The Prime Minister and those in Government and Health Care
  • A spirit of community in Australia 
  • Change in the global openness to Jesus
  • Scientific breakthrough for a vaccine

Finally we have made the decision to postpone Alive + Free event (April 4) as well as our Alpha group until the second half of the year. However if you would like prayer for freedom in an area of your life or would like to move forward in your journey with Jesus, please contact us. 





 This is a practical pastoral update to assist our church community approach a significant community threat.

The World Health Organisation has declared the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID 19, a public health emergency of international concern and the Australian government has developed an emergency response plan to ensure that our nation is prepared if this virus becomes uncontained and spreads into the community in Australia.

As a church, we want to be careful not fearful recognising genuine concern. We ALL have a role to play to ensure that we take every precaution to ensure that our members and community are as safe as possible from the potential spread of this virus.

We will continue to run services on Sundays, both at 9am and 10.30am, until Government regulations stipulate otherwise.

As a church, we are taking some immediate precautionary actions, which are explained below. C3 Church Lane Cove will be sending email updates to all members of the church to ensure that we are keeping everyone up to date with our plans and actions.

To protect everyone from the potential spread of this virus, we need your help:

  • If you or an immediate member of your household is sick with any illness, please stay away from church services and activities until well.
  • If you or an immediate member of your household have had contact with someone diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID 19, or someone who is in voluntary self isolation, please stay away from church services and activities until advised safe to return.
  • If you have travelled from one of the countries where COVID 19 is in uncontrolled spread, please self-isolate as per the Australian Government recommendations.
  • In any of the above situations, please advise the pastoral team so that the right discipleship support and pastoral care can be arranged for you.
  • Practise regular, thorough hand washing with soap and water as this is one of the most effective methods of ensuring that this virus does not spread.
  • Until we are advised otherwise, keeping “physical contact” (hugs and handshakes) forms of greeting and connection to a minimum is recommended.
  • Follow cough and sneeze etiquette.


Commencing this week, we will begin to implement some processes at church including the following:

  • Availability of hand-sanitisation gel at the entry to church and at morning tea (however please note that washing your hands with soap and water is more effective).
  • Serving only drinks at morning tea at our services to reduce the likelihood of transmission of COVID 19 virus from person to person.
  • Improving our sanitisation and hand washing practices in our children’s ministry programs. We also ask that parents do NOT pack food for their children to consume during the children’s program.
  • Taking a risk assessment and management approach to all our gatherings and events in the coming weeks.
  • Changing the way we serve communion & collect Tithes & Offerings (please consider giving by direct debit) to minimise the risk of potential transfer of any illness from person to person.


If you have any questions or concerns about these matters, please contact info@c3lanecove.com.au or call 94189211

We will remain vigilant and watchful as we consider how to fulfil Jesus call to be His church.


In Him,