Creative Team

The Creative Team at C3 Church Lane Cove work together to gather people so they can LIFT up their eyes to Jesus – that’s our vision and our hope, that we’d help people lift their hands in worship, lift their heart in praise and make a noise to celebrate the King.  The Creative Team is made up of musicians, artists, photographers, creative types of all kinds, and appreciators too.  Hit ‘Like’ on the C3 Lane Cove Creative Facebook page to keep updated with the team each week.

Creative Team Night gatherings are held once a month at the MC – we worship God in different and creative ways, we have fun, we workshop new songs.  Anyone is welcome to Team Nights – just contact Ps Joel for when the next night is on.

Creative Team Backstage 

A Worship Leader’s Recent Reflections


Silent space – that space that was once enforced upon us.

Truly my soul silently waits for God;
From Him comes my salvation.
PSALM 65:1

Those who are over 30 will remember the days before mobile phones, before constant media streams, before music was  constantly in our ears … when we caught the train or the bus, if we had no book, all we had with us was the view and our own thoughts (and the occasional awkward over chatty co-commuter!).  What was once enforced, is now scarcely appropriated.  It used to be we opted in to entertainment, now we have to opt out – and for some of us, this is getting increasingly difficult.

BUT – the silent space must be preserved (even if it is difficult!) – because its in these silent spaces that we frame our thoughts; about life, about love, about eternity, about (and with) our Lord and our God.  True, deep, earnest, passionate, vulnerable worship comes from a revelation of who God really is – and unless we spend the time to look… really look… then the best we’ll get is a shallow, surface level, fleeting view.

So I implore you – find a Silent space in your week… no agenda necessarily, just silence… next time you catch a bus or a train… next time you drive… next time you ride your bike… leave your headphones off, leave your phone in your pocket, turn off the radio… and get to know the silent space.