Our Story



C3 Church Lane Cove was first established in 1984 with 12 people as part of the earliest days of the C3 (then Christian City Church movement).  In the first year we grew to around 35 people but lacked a permanent pastor. November 1984 saw Dr Ian and Jeannie Jagelman become the first official senior ministers and they immediately began to give the new church fresh vision and goals.  Church grew steadily so that by 1994, with more than 400 members, leaders and teams were identified and developed to expand and plant new congregations.

C3 Church Lane Cove was an early adopter of multi-location church. New congregations were planted at Carlingford in 1994 under the leadership of Richard and Sue Botta and Ryde in 1999 with Richard and Cathie Green. By that time the purpose we had always carried had become Reaching and Building people

C3 Lane Cove (then known as Christian City Congregations) was committed to building spirit powered leaders and teams that help church flourish. First Carlingford and then Ryde grew significantly whilst Lane Cove continued to thrive.  As church kept growing there came a need for more leaders and fresh thinking.  By 2001 the combined church had more than 1000 members in three locations and to continue reaching and building, it had to become 3 distinct churches. In 2003, C3 Church CarlingfordC3 Church Ryde and C3 Church Lane Cove became 3 independent C3 Churches.


In 2005, Ps Simon and Mandy Ambler succeeded Dr Ian and Jeannie Jagelman as Senior Ministers of Lane Cove. Ps Simon and Mandy continue leading the church today. Since then C3 Church Lane Cove has continued to grow, thrive and adapt to a changing city and world – reaching and building people of all nations and ages.  


Our first 30 years were only the beginning. We are heading into the next 30 years with a vision and sense of anticipation of what God has in store as we move towards 2044. As our first steps towards that in March 2022 we sent Ps Joel and Vanessa as Senior Ministers to replant C3 Church Burwood.



C3 Church Lane Cove is part of the C3 movement of Churches in Australia and worldwide. Dr Phil Pringle is the founder and President of C3 Church.

C3 Church Global has a vision to grow to 1,000,000 worshippers in 1000 locations worldwide with 100 of those in Sydney. Within C3 Global we are part of a network of churches called C3 Reach. C3 Reach is a beautiful global mosaic of churches of different colours, music idioms, sizes, structures, and ethnic cultural expressions working in some of the most difficult places for the church to exist.

The vision of C3 is to actively fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus by preaching his gospel and planting churches, ministering to 21st Century men and women in a biblical and relevant way, in the power of the Holy Spirit – c3 global website