Prayer Ministry Testimonies

I went for prayer ministry to help with ongoing anger issues I was experiencing predominately at my workplace. After receiving prayer ministry, a conflict situation occurred in the workplace which would usually have caused me to well up in anger. Instead I felt in control and consciously experienced the need to engage self-control. I would strongly recommend prayer ministry!


Prayer ministry at C3 Lane Cove has opened my eyes to see the full wonder, power and splendour of our Lord God, the Almighty One working in my life, and in others. During my prayer ministry appointments, I experienced the love of the Father like I have never known before. In this safe and comforting space, I felt the Lord healing my wounds, equipping me to conquer the fears and anxieties that held me back, and empowering me to become the person He created me to be.


”Since I invited the prayer ministry team to pray for me to be set free from the fear of rejection and tendency to commit suicide, the Lord showed me so much why I was under the shadow of these evil spirits. My mother recently shared with me that when she was very young, how her grandma from her father’s side standing before an idol, curse my mum and her two sisters to die. She had made an agreement with this idol, saying “if these three girls all die she would then sacrifice a big fat pig to that idol”. My mother’s two sisters and their children both lived a very poor and hopeless life. My mother constantly lives an angry and bitter life and when I was young she cursed me all the time to die. The team ministered to me, asked me to pray for forgiveness from my heavenly Father’s so I can forgive my mother and myself. They then asked me to bless and thank my parents being my earthly parents, that was so extremely hard for me yet I chose to do it. Recently since I heard my mother’s story about her grandma, I suddenly understood what Jesus said on the Cross “father please forgive them as what they don’t know what they have done.” This personal revelation made me fully accept my own mother and in my life first time I began to love her with mercy from the bottom of my heart. All the walls in my heart are gone!’”


“I’m still rejoicing in how God’s worked in my life through the Prayer ministry! The insights and prayers from those ministering to me were spot-on and clearly came from listening to God. I came asking, and God answered with much, much more than I asked for or even imagined!”


I’m all good now, healed, growing and grateful, praise God.